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The search in Internet began !

Thus I began, to search for these Fun-Karts in Internet and encountered the page from Wolfgang.

He called a Funkart-Forum into the life and I had astonished as many members were available there already. - Das Buggy-Forum

I announced myself also now there and got in fact concrete and correct answers onto my questions.


In this forum we got also the contact to a trader in Cologne.

We telephoned fully with each other and I came then to the conclusion, that a buggy is for me / us, nevertheless the better alternative to the F-Kart.

A test-drive with the PGO Bugrider 250 2-Sitzer from Kandy followed.

We thank also you for Kandy, that we were allowed to do a test-drive !!!!!!

And already the decision was taken:

Such a vehicle must here !!!

So, the first contact was set up and we were infected !!

The buggy is not simple anymore to us from the head gone.

We had removed then the contact to the trader in Cologne !!

After that we placed the date for a collection of our Buggy`s on the 12.11.2005.

One, I can tell to You the time can become so long.

But nevertheless with friendly relief of the forum-members we managed to resist for so long then!!

On11.11.2005 it left then at home, and we have ourselves onto the way gained to Cologne ( 600 km ).

I can say with supporter that is already a beautiful torture, but we had a destination before eyes :

!! Our BUGGY !!

More further it goes in our