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Everything began with the report with RTL Explosiv 11.10.2005 :-)))))))

From the RLT Website:

Norman and Roman are two genuine Highspeed-Guy and proud owners of brandnew Streetkarts. One eye level with the bumpers of the other traffic participans and completely to go without safty belt they through the streets of Berlin No helmet, no airbag - and everything very legal.

The streetkarts approximately 3000 Euro expensive strike fast. So rapid, that also the police stop the two drivers. Nevertheless the officials must not undertake anything, because the new go-carts got a street admission EU.A PKW driver's license suffices, already can everyone legally behind the mini steering wheel. The vehicles are noz only small, but also fire-dangerous in this case. Only 20 centimeters about tha asphalt, without shock absorber or strike protection they race back and forth in the dead angle between penances and Cars. Through their turn rate the drivers endanger themselves not only themselves, but also other traffic participants irritate.

The manufacturers of the streetkarts recommend a helmet for the safety of the drivers. However, as long as that is not duty, most go-cart-fans refuse on this survival-important headgear. The streetkartdrivers risk even their life for the kick and the attention. With speed 90 they go onto the motorway and win a lot of unsense of the other motorists.

Experts are, irritated traffic participants, indignant - and in spite of that the streetkarts may be for the time being on Germany's streets on the way. Norman and Roman anyway put also more further behind the steering wheel and make norms and novel anyway for themselves so little.

And two days later we contacted the boy's and two hours later we went through Berlin with the Karts.

The going-feeling and the fun were simply class

There was only a small defence courage drop with me ( bibo ) :

My back did not bear the driving without shock absorbers well :-((


Bild 1: Picture from RTL

Bild 2: Tanja with Rent-kart

Bild 3: Bibo with Rent-kart