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Conversions and repairs at our buggy


Since the radiator was positioned very deeply below and does not get any correct air for the cooling therefore, the Chinese decided a second radiator for the retrofitting supplied.

This was obstructed today. The conversion did not form in a difficult way.

Since this day the temperature holds itself in the frame and the check lamp of the temperature display does not begin anymore.

You find the pictures here to the right in the picture groin


Today the LED spoon bait brought me Mirco 1000 from the Fa. Kellermann in case of polo.

For these spoon baits there is also a fitting flasher relay from Fa. Kellerman, that is super !!

I see the LED moving-lamps simultaneous in the rack P&W Modena. Those ones look really super and use of course considerably less river.

Therefore I must say already that the optics corrected itself tidily in my opinion. In addition the luminosity of the LED lamp is simply incredible.

Also here the pictures again to the right in the groin.


Now I bought an aluminum suitcase of the Fa. Zarges at Globetrotter for myself. It struck to us that we do not always know, where we our Raindress and the other whole one stuff's to be supposed to let what we always drag along.

The tubes were wrapped for this purpose simply with tube insulation from the property market. There the insulation of house from is gray, I have wrapped they with black adhesive tape.

Then I ground punctures in the lower field and in the sidewall. After that the suitcase was attached by means of VA-screws and control tape to the tubes.

Also here the pictures again to the right in the groin.


Today the two drive shafts and the radiator exhaust on assurance was replaced. I believe the drive shafts suffered from the load very beautiful during the race in Peckfitz.


So now it goes a little bit onto the tuning. :-)) I got an abridged case (they was switched off 3 mm) and is supposed to bring approx. 10- 15 k.p.h. I am tightened.

Therefore the mounting was not difficult and on the motorway the buggy runs now 96 k.p.h..

That is ok, there one can swim on the highway beautifully in the traffic.